VB - Football Fever scoreboard windows application This application calculates the points scored during a football game by one team. In a Windows application, the user enters each score one football team makes to display the teams score on the scoreboard.

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Design a Windows application and write the code that will execute according to the program requirements

Football Fever Scoreboard Windows Application

In a Windows application, the user enters each score one football team makes to display the team’s score on the scoreboard


Algorithm, Processing, and Conditions

1. The user clicks the Enter Score button in an InputBox object to enter a score after the

football team scores points in a game.

2. Each score and the running total is displayed in a ListBox.

3. After the user clicks the Cancel button in the InputBox object to end the game scoring,

the total final score is displayed.

4. A File menu contains a Clear and an Exit option. The Clear menu item clears the result

and the football scores. The Exit menu item closes the application.


Notes and Restrictions:

1. Non-numeric values should not be accepted.

2. A negative value should not be accepted.

3. Obtain the image from scsite.com/vb2010/ch6/images. Its name is Football



1. The Windows application opens, displaying your favorite football team’s name, scoreboard subtitle, a

ListBox object that will display the football team scores throughout the game, and a Button object that

allows the user to enter the scores.

2. A menu bar displays the File menu, which has two menu items: Clear and Exit.

3. In an InputBox object, the user enters points a football team scores.

4. The program asks the user for the score again if the value is a negative or non-numeric number.

5. The program displays the total score.

6. The program displays the final score when the user clicks the Cancel button in the input box.

7. The user clicks the Clear menu item to clear the input and the result.

8. The user clicks the Exit menu item to close the application.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Programming LanguageVisual Basic


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